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Welp... another cycle, another disappointment...blah....

We just finished another cycle of Clomid and no dice. I didn't even get to pee on a stick before Aunt Flo showed up with the wrong gift!! My husband wants to try one more time but i'm pretty certain come December we're both going to get very intimate with a bunch a strangers to help us pop out a kid. -_-

And then.... i came home last night to a pretty morose mrchien. He can't help it, he's a liberal millenial. I'm just a skeptical gen x'r so last night totally fed into my inner cynic. Don't tell mrchien but i bought myself a peanut butter cupcake and totally nommed it with a large glass of milk while he was at work. It made me feel a bit better. I also didn't medicate and got nothing much done. Well.... i did think about walking on the treadmill.

So anyways, i've decided to avoid the news for the rest of the week, cuz it's only going to upset me more. Apparently i managed to dvr this show on Snow Monkeys in Japan and it's gorgeous to watch! I highly recommend clicking the link and spending an hour dreaming about visiting hot water springs in Japan...


So how are you avoiding reality today?

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