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Welcome To The Bitchery

Welp . . . for your reading displeasure

Two comments:

  1. Godwin’s Law no longer applies.
  2. We can now officially take the “Neo” off of “Neo-Nazi” when referring to the Trumpster fire and related politics.


Edit: Okay, one more comment about the final paragraph:

This was especially important, Mr. Tolstoy was quoted as saying, “in today’s politically correct world, when everyone is hiding their real thoughts and feelings.”


This is why I’m not having it with anyone who goes on about “political correctness”. (I mean, I have been for a while, but this quote makes it very clear why.) Horrible people think people disagree with their hate-ridden bigotry are “being politically correct and hiding their real thoughts”, not attempting to not be assholes. They think that everyone is as disgusting and hate-filled as they are. We can NOT allow further normalization of this.

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