I’m really sorry for not responding to replies yesterday. I know you’re a kind and understanding bunch, and I really, truly appreciate each and every one of you.

I did NOT listen to the advice about ignoring Mr. Waffle’s Facebook page, and I guess I’m kind of glad. He’s been friending a lot of his old friends from his drinking days, but this morning he added one who I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know—she’s probably a friend of a friend—and all of her photos are her in just her bra, making sexy-faces to the camera.

So, I went ballistic, told him I’m sick of being his joke and ATM, and to GTFO. He called me twice, I did not pick up. I’ve since blocked his FB page, and I’ll be packing up his shit when I get home from work tonight.


Dinner tonight will be Fritos and tuna with mayo. I’m a single woman now, it’s time to start eating like it.

Give me your favorite stinky-food single-people recipes, please.