I have my lovely annual sinus infection/bronchitis combo and decided to take my usual remedy - Mucinex DM.

Only this year, I’m on bupropion.

The two of them interact. Specifically, the bupropion potentiates the dextromethorphan and basically causes serotonin syndrome. No wonder I felt like I was tripping balls at the football game I watched. Then I took it AGAIN last night and could barely sleep through all the heart-racing I didn’t think to Google that shit until this morning.

I’m just glad I didn’t make a complete ass of myself in front of my family, who doesn’t know I’m on antidepressants.

But I’m angry at myself for not doing my homework and will for sure be kicking myself during the impending serotonin hangover.


I dunno what the point of writing this was, I guess. I’m just sad. Just wanted to cough less, man.