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Welcome To The Bitchery

My son and his girlfriend (he’s 26, she’s 21) just dropped that bomb on us.

I always thought I would be estatic when one of my kids decided to have a child. And make no mistake about it, this was a decision, not an accident.

Instead, I’m devestated.

The girlfriend (she’s a lovely girl, very hardworking) is very young and rather immature*. Occasionally she posts on Facebook on how lonely/stressed she is and her family immediately chimes in with “come home! WE will take care of you!” Which pisses me off because WE have been lending them money, paying them to help us around our house (yard work, house cleaning) and having them over to dinner to make sure they are eating. We gave them over $1K and her mother gave her $100 when they nearly got evicted and their car nearly repossessed. 


I’m just worried. We live here on the Upper Left Edge. Girlfriend is from Florida, as far away from us (or, conversely, from her family) as possible. They are *not* married and will not be getting married for at least 2-3-4 yrs (I asked). What if she decides she can’t deal with our rainy grey weather and moves home? What are the legal protections for my son, to have contact w/ his child?

I don’t think he’s thought that thru. And I don’t mean to cast aspersions, I”m just worried about him losing his child and me, getting attached and then losing this baby.

*She is a bit of a drama queen - and this is coming from a drama queen! She’s been very very sick with this pregnancy - but still has not seen the dr, even tho she’s nearly out of her first trimester. She’s gone to the ER for severe pregnancy sickness (she lost 16 lbs that she couldn’t afford to lose), and says the nurses didn’t take care of her at all, that the food service employees were changing her IV bag. That kind of stuff.

I want to be happy. Instead, i just want to cry.

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