I’d been on the border of unfriending this woman for a while, but her life is so batshit that I’ve kept her on my list just to watch the trainwreck. But hey, I guess I found my breaking point! Today’s status:

My news feed is depressing....Enough with the overall negativity and tasteless jokes about fat people. Being fat is a horrible and sad thing. People who are fat either have hormonal or other health issues or emotional problems that make them want to eat more or gain weight even when they are not eating too much. It is a sad thing and one many of us struggle with. Seeing pictures of fat people and especially fat children is not funny its depressing and sad. End of rant.......

I mean, yeah, I can get down with the whole “let’s not make fun of fat people” thing, but “Being fat is a horrible and sad thing”?! Um, I’m doing just fine, thanks.