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ETA: JESUSSSSSS, this was the first post I’ve ever made where I got seriously nasty comments, including one telling me to “Get a Grip.” Non-monogamy really upsets people.

I posted here before about tipping my scared little toes into non-monogamy. My boyfriend and I hung out with a couple on Saturday. Nothing happened but it was super fun and we are planning something.


My reason for writing here is...wow people are judgmental! I told two of my friends and one of them was like “Oh cool! That sounds fun!” and my other friend was disgusted. She kept saying stuff like “Wow I would really really think about it...” and “I just PERSONALLY don’t think I could do something...like that...yikes.” It really freaked me out how much she was projecting onto my situation. It’s making me feel a little gross about it, which sucks because it was fun and I feel good about the future.

TL/dr: Talking about anything outside of a fully monogamous relationship really upsets some people.

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