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Wendy Carlos, Johann Sebastian Bach their legacy and genre marriage

In the same thrift shop which I mentioned earlier I saw this album.Its called Switched-On Bach. It was created by Wendy Carlos. What she did was take his work and modernize it with a synthesizer. My mother bought the album when I was a kid. The album was put out in 1968, I remember it early 70s. I cannot recall hearing it.

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Now Bach lived between 1685 and 1750 he was a German composer. Yet she took his music and put a new spin on it.

Now one thing that I learned tonight is about Wendy. A remarkable history. She composed the music for Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and The Shining and the music for Tron. In 1979 she was one of the first public figures to announce she had a gender realignment surgery. Trust me in 1979 that was almost unheard of. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendy_Car… https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Se… Both hers and Bachs wikipedia page.


One thing is how their legacy merged. I found on youtube folks taking classical music and doing in what’s called Wendy Carlos style.

Here is Air On G String by Bach. Original. Style.

Same song done in Wendy Carlos style.

It is fasciniating how people take classical music use synthesizers to not just cut down on instruments to one but make it sound modern. Its a really interesting genre marriage.


Its good that people are doing this but its sad also how rapidly Bach, Beethoven etc music is dying out. My mother played this kind of music a lot when I was a kid. Now she likes 1950s soft pop music like Dean Martin and Broadway songs from that era.

I actually prefer original version of the song but I am an oldster. For those youngish how do you feel about either. Could you think “hey I can do this on a synthesizer” and become another fan of classical music. Or will you say “you know let me check for Chamber Music concerts in my area”. Actually I recall through the 80s Chamber Music concerts were fairly popular in my area now I cannot recall last one.


Although I assume many already here appreciate and listen to this music.

Or this is the dullest music post I have done.

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