Senator Davis* will be speaking with Manderson tonight at 8 p.m. ET. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED YOU GUISSSESALSKDLASdfjl;a kqo4iuqr9w0983asdfl;{{fapsdofiw0e3i

OMG sorry I just convulsed in a glee fit.

@AmericasBaby1 will be taking a break from complaining about last season's Roberto Cavalli baby attire and LIVE TWEET Senator Davis' appearance on the show.

I think we can live Tweet him, no? Hashtag suggestions? Question suggesetions? Follow me, and @andersoncooper and let's show Senator Davis our support!!

@WendyDavisTexas on @andersoncooper tonight! America's Baby cancelling Baby Mani/Pedi to LIVE TWEET #standwithwendy

— AmericasBaby (@AmericasBaby1) June 26, 2013

(*sorry I always say 'Wendy'. Cuz I feel like WE ARE SISTERS. *squeals*)