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Went to my FiL's last night

Mr Ivriniel’s Dad was complaining to him that we never see him anymore. We saw him more or less exactly a month ago. Since my Dad’s stroke, we have been visiting my parents on a weekly basis, and I think my FiL was feeling a little jealous.

Anyways, Mr. I called his Dad and told him we would be coming over Friday night. Friday night is fish night, and one of my FiL’s horrible Conservative party friends comes over that night. This is a man who believes that Stephen Harper is not a true Conservative. Anyways, somehow in the course of the phone conversation, we went from being dinner guests, to being the ones bringing and cooking the fish.

So we get there Friday around 5. My FiL isn’t home, but the door is unlocked so we let ourselves in. It’s a split level house with a basement, and I go down into the lower level of the main floor to use the bathroom. I don’t use the upper level bathroom anymore, ever since my FiL let the upstairs toilet leak for months. It’s fixed now, but I think the subfloor is rotting, because the toilet moves strangely when you sit on it.


Anyways, I go to the lower bathroom, and there’s the stench of sewage. I can’t figure out where it is coming from, but the toilet is positively filthy, so I give it a scrub with the toilet bowl cleaner on the back of toilet. After that, the only thing I can smell is bleach.

I go back up to the kitchen, and my FiL comes back from grocery shopping shortly after that. When he sees we are there, he goes and shuts the partially open door into the basement, explaining that there has been a small sewer backup into his basement that he needs to take care of. Closing the door does seem to mostly keep it out of the rest of the house.

My FiL is mostly retired, and it came out later in the evening that he didn’t work yesterday. So he was mostly home all day (except for going grocery shopping) with a sewage back up in his basement, and he didn’t get to work on cleaning it up yet? And still invited people over for dinner? Fortunately the smell is not detectable in the eat in kitchen, though it is in the living room.

My FiL’s Conservative friend comes over, and starts complaining about Kellie Leitch, who recently asked her supporters if potential immigrants to Canada should be screened for “AntiCanadian values” and if people should have their citizenship revoked for denouncing the Queen. He’s mad, not because Leitch said these things, as he agreed with her, but that she said it in such a way so outsiders found out.


It pissed me off, and when I told him that governments have no business testing people’s values, and related how historically the Canadian government had banned the immigration my own people (Mennonites) because our values were considered incompatible with Canadian society (we are pacifists), the response was “But she’s not looking to ban Mennonites.” The idea that there might be a broader lesson to take from that episode of history than “banning Mennonites is bad” was completely lost on them. I don’t know why I expected more from a Polish man who knows all about how the Nazis planned a genocide for for Poles (General plan Ost called for decimation of the Polish population, and then the exile of the survivors into Siberia in small enough groups that the Polish language and culture would die) but cheers when Daesh slaughters Shia.

Then the conversation shifts to the Provincial government, and the Premier is referred to as a witch. There is much complaint about the government intruding into areas of people’s life where it has no business, like the environment.


In their bizarro world, it is perfectly acceptable for the government to act as thought police, but not ok for governments to be involved in environmental protection?

Then he starts complaining about how the federal government is responsible for the economy going into the toilet last quarter. I point out the Fort MacMurray wildfire was largely responsible for the drop in GDP and point out that economic indicators already have the economy rebounding. My FiL’s friend responds that you can make statistics say anything. I laugh and tell him that if he is going to question the utility of statistics then there is nothing left to discuss in the field of economics. That shuts him up. Briefly.


Later talk shifted to Bombardier, which despite the fact that the friend is an engineer and therefore must have run into Bombardier before (and never mind the fact it is a huge corporation) he insists on mispronouncing it: Bomb-ba-deer. I think that is weird, and then he starts complaining about Bombardier being a French company. Mystery solved!

After supper, they then settled in to watch their weekly ritual, a video lecture from the “Great Courses” series you can order out of Scientific American. They are currently going through the American Revolution. An hour of a talking head. Wheee. I feel asleep. I like history and don’t even mind lectures, but if it’s just going to be lecture, that’s so much better live. If you’re doing a video, there’s an opportunity to enhance things a bit, but that’s not what these courses do, apparently.


My FiL has given us a couple of these courses over the years, and we’ve never actually opened them. Now I think I am less inclined to do so.

Also, if last night’s visit was intended to entice us to come more often, I don’t think it worked.


I was talking to Mr I’s sister last night, and we are thinking of starting s pool about how long it will take to get the sewage backup fixed in the basement.

When my FiL shuffles off this mortal coil, and Mr. I inherits the house, I will be strongly tempted to just burn the place down.

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