After I got there, my breathing got worse and worse. I'm asthmatic, but I haven't had any issues in years. Since I went gluten free, my inflammation has been so low that asthma was a non-issue for me.

It was confirmed that I have a nasty upper respiratory infection. They confirmed that I was wheezing and was short of breath. Plus, my left ear drum has a tear in it and looks like it's starting to get infected. I received a shot of steroids for the inflammation in my lungs and a shot of antibiotics. The PA who prepared the shots put some lidocaine on or in the syringe for the steroids. It's sore now, but wasn't nearly as bad as they usually are. Then I had a breathing treatment. Then they tested my lung function. My high score was 58%. They tested me a few months ago to get a baseline and I was blowing a 98%. I have spent most of today breathing like that Stevie kid on Malcolm in the Middle. I also got prescriptions for antibiotics, prednisone (for the asthma), and fluconazole (for the yeast that will rise up in my gut as the good bacteria die off with the bad).

My nose is only a little runny now. I'm trying to clean the living room, but I have to sit down every ten minutes to catch my breath. My husband is on the way home with a new-to-us couch. My brother will be over when he gets off work to help us get it from the driveway into the house. And maybe get the old couch from the inside to the curb, even though it won't get picked up until Friday.