Welcome To The Bitchery

We're adopting!

He fits all of our wants/needs:

  • Not a kitten
  • Male
  • Grey
  • Sad back story —this wasn't on the list, but we knew that we'd have to save a buddy who wouldn't get adopted easily.
  • Loves us!

The poor boy was by himself in the back of the shelter, in a cage. Huge signs on the door warning people about him. Apparently, he bites, hisses, scratches and hated everyone.


But us! He was snuggling, purring, and being our buddy! They basically gave him to us (WIIIKCED discounted) and we'll bring him home on Monday.

Isn't he cute!??! His name's Jagger—we don't know if we'll keep it or change. Thoughts?

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