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She's resting on my hand. Her breath rate has increased over the weeks as well as the swelling on her left side. We got an appetite stimulant from the vet which is helped her physically and kept her hydration level up.

She is dying. there is no good question to ask and there is no response to the question "how is your cat?"


She looks at me or stares off into the distance and I wonder if that is "The look."

To answer all of the normal questions no she's not in pain. She gets up for food and you go the bathroom she drinks water she eats food she bitches the boys around. She does not breath with her mouth open.

What will happen is the cancer in her lungs will continue to make it difficult to breathe and that will eventually take her.

I'm thinking that marijuana would help her respiratory system and if that improves she could have better days. Pot can open up her airways a bit, further increase her appetite and maybe the THCA can delay or reduce the Cancer growth.


Looking for any advice on giving animals pot. I can't get anything medicinal or wait too long for Amazon purchases. So, pot in ear? Butter? Experience with COPD and pot?

This sucks of course but I need to stay decently strong to help her to the next stage peacefully.

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