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Westworld fans, what's your dream park and dream narrative?

I’m looking forward to the Season 2 premiere of Westworld, on Sunday night—am re-watching Season 1 beforehand. And it got me thinking, what would my dream park be, and what narratives would I pursue? Would I want to check out Shogun World, Medieval World, Roman World, or Futureworld—or come up with something new? (And can someone please share this to O-Deck? That crew might have some fun ideas, but I don’t have author permissions there.)

The appeal of Westworld, to its customers, seems to be the opportunity for person vs. person conflict/interaction. When you’re buying the right to basically operate without restrictions on the way you treat people, I can imagine that no matter what “world” you’re in, a lot of the storylines are based on what would be crimes, in our real world. Not all, of course; there’s surely a lot of revelry, palace intrigue, romance, etc. But there is clearly intentional polarization into heroes and villains for both the hosts and the guests, in order to serve the narrative quests and let the guests explore the limits of their desires. And you could probably re-skin a common set of quests fairly easily, to fit in any of those parks. I think Futureworld may be a little different, just because it might let you try things that are only speculation/sci-fi in our real world? So there could be a chance for exploration/discovery there, in a way that’s quite different from what all the other worlds offer. (I have not seen the 1976 Futureworld movie yet, nor the original 1973 Westworld, but both are on my list to watch soon; Amazon Prime has both for rent.)

Personally, I’m more interested in getting away from (most) people and out into nature. So I think mine might be Eco-World, with a variety of biomes and the opportunity for nature adventures. Safely, of course! Hiking, interesting flora and fauna (including things that might pose a danger if not in a controlled setting—like dinosaurs, taking a little inspiration from Jurassic World). Waterfalls, with natural pools for swimming; astronomy lessons, in an area with no light pollution; maybe some quests involving cleanup work, light building, or planting. Not everything has to be perilous or hedonistic. But maybe there’s some drama in a biosphere whose oxygen levels are dropping dangerously low, and I can help save them! Or sure, the dinosaurs got loose, that would be exciting; they’re not villains in that they don’t have human intent (so it’s not such a big challenge of morality), but they’re surely dangerous, ha. So Eco-World isn’t as PvP-based as the others—it’d be more Man vs. Nature.


Oh, and maybe there’s a bookish, bearded rugby player who has a passion for conservation and also likes boardgames and dogs. Yeah. :)

What would yours be? Or would you like to head into one of those known park worlds? I would far rather think about this than about work today. And yes, I do want to take a volunteer vacation sometime, to do some environmental work! (Without dinosaurs.)

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