(in my slurred southern accent).

I am taking a break from Mardi Gras to work on my Mardi Gras costumes! I am making a glow in the dark robot suit for tomorrow (I hope the paint glows as brightly as I want) and an ice cream cone outfit for Tuesday.

Sidenote: I live in New Orleans for those who don't know. Our entire city basically shuts down from yesterday through Tuesday.

I don't care much for tonight's parades, and I am catastrophically hungover from last night. So it's just me, the wienerdog, and some Netflix. And all my paint and glitter.

What y'all up to?

UPDATE: I just had a YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE-grade toilet overflow. There was nothing in there! Did Mr. Lover do something in there earlier that was hiding down in the pipes? Oh my god, it's like a piss flood. OH MY GOD.