I was woken out of a deep sleep just now by my phone ringing. I fumbled around and picked it up because I'm expecting a friend to call about plans - and I thought I'd overslept. It was some man who said hello like he knew me, but I didn't recognize his voice so I looked to see who the number might be and it said 'no caller id'. The following is a conversation we had. Keep in mind, that I'd just woken up and I'm fairly non-functional in the first couple of minutes out of REM sleep.

No ID: Hi.

Me: Who is this?

No ID: It's 'Frank.' (not the name he gave me, but just in case...)

Me: Frank...who?

No ID: 'Frank Smith.'

Me: I think you have the wrong number.

No ID: No! I have the right number!

Me: ..........what?

No ID: Is this so-and-so? (a name that is not even close to mine)

Me: No, this is Paper...?

No ID: Oh. Yeah, I have the right number! Hi Paper.

Me: ....(finally waking up)

No ID: Hi Paper, how are you doing?

Me: Don't call me again.

Then I hung up. The entire exchange lasted about a minute.

And now I'm freaked out that someone was trying to hack my phone or that I have a weird stalker who didn't know my name and now does because I gave it to him or...something. I'm baffled and I'm weirded out, and omg, I gave this complete stranger my first name and he has my number! What the WHAT just happened?