I dreamt my mother and I were at the ocean. This town had small streets which were three shops deep. Two streets had restaurants. One was owned by a woman and the other a male mobster.

The mobster and henchmen were trying to get the woman who owned the other restaurant to drink. She refused. I intervened and she and I were running. Now I do not run so that was odd. The mobster and henchmen started shooting.

Strangely my mother pulled up in her car. We jumped in and my mother drove. Now who do you think she blamed for us and the car being shot at? The shooters? Nope. If you said, you. Well correct.

The mobster was Meatloaf, as in the singer. and the other restaurant owner was TonI Tennille. Oddly she was my age.


Why did I have this bizarre dream. I was reading this book but nothing to do with plot of dream.

I am on page 40 and its not that good, so far ranks in bottom of the series.