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What a damn week, you guise.

I work in advertising sales. It is stressful, and has become more stressful since last January when my boss instituted weekly goals along with our monthly ones, as well as goals for numbers of sales and totals. The thing is, January is traditionally a shit month for sales. There have been a ton of changes in our industry lately, and it's very much adversely effected sales. We took a ginormous number of cancellations, sales were low, and tensions were high.

My boss was on my ass about my goals from the first day if the year. I've been considering leaving for quite some time, and the added stress is taking a toll on me, which is especially showing in my skin. Anyhoo, the year really started off great, what with the threat of being fired hanging over my head. I made three sales in the first two weeks, but then our entire sales staff had a six day dry spell. And up went the stress. I secured another sale on Tuesday, but with the end of the month approaching, I started accepting that I'd finish out the month short and potentially be let go. Whee!

Yesterday I got ahold of a client who, up to this point, had been waffling. He signed up for three ads. Boom. Later on I talked to another client who was promising two ads, but finding ways to delay the process. He also sent them both over. This brought me to my goal for number of sales, but I was still about $525 short of my total sales goal. I had another customer promising business, but the day ended and he hadn't sent it in yet. I started today knowing that even if he sent in his ad, I'd be $49 short. I got ahold of him this afternoon, and he brushed me off with a gruff, "I'm busy. I'll get to it later." A bit dejected, I said okay and we hung up. Five minutes later, the ad came in. I called to ask him what kind of cookies he likes. Still, I was $49 short.


A few minutes before close of business, my phone rang. It was a client whose ad I was making changes to. We have a good relationship, so I went for broke. I told him I was $49 short of goal. I asked if there was any way I could get him into one of the cheaper ads, and he said sure, if he could get it for $50. My boss hates giving discounts, but he knew How close I was, and I must have really been pulling off the puppy eyes, because he allowed it.



I'd called that customer twice today. It was sheer luck that he called me back. I spent half an hour talking and joking with him, and it put me
ONE DOLLAR over goal, and made me the only salesperson to make goal this month.

I'm so fucking stoked, you guise.

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