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What a day.

Today. What a day.

This morning I started phoning around to get applet the chicken pox vaccine. See, it's not offered on the NHS inexplicably so you have to go private. This is a source of fury for me but whatever, I want him vaccinated. Some of you probably know that I'm an active pro-vaccine campaigner and take it very, very seriously, and am pretty up to my date (though always learning) on my vaccine info.

So I phone a vaccination clinic and they told me that no, applet couldn't have the pox vax because he'd just been MMRed last week. I asked why that is, because there is nothing in research to suggest a waiting period - in fact in the US the pox vax is given with MMR. The lady solemnly said "well with live vaccines you need to space them apart so it's not such a strain on the immune system." Okay that's iffy...but it's also a red flag as anti vax crazies often claim that MMR together 'causes' autism (no) whereas the three separated is safer (it's not, actually the opposite).


I asked why they have that policy, because it's not backed up by the research. She said "well, because of the autism."

Record scratch. The autism. The autism that is unquestionably not caused by MMR.

My blood ran cold and I almost whispered "MMR does not cause autism." That's when she went haywire and started shouting about her autistic nephew (??) and how she "saw it" (not sure what she saw but it isn't what she thinks). I said "you should not be working in a vaccine clinic." She started screaming about "LOOK AT ITALY LOOK AT ITALY THE COURTS PROVED IT". Which if you want me to take that apart in the comments, I can. The shouting turned to frantic screaming and I hung the hell up.

SO THAT WAS FREAKY. I phoned my internet friend from my mum/science group, and had a good talk with her while I calmed down. It turns out that this clinic is an antivax vax clinic. That is to say, they peddle the 3 separate vaccines to the tinfoil hat market, since they're not available separately on the NHS. I can also break down why 3 separate vaccines is stupid if you want. Their website has various MMR-autism nonsense on there.

I posted in my group about this and had a call to action to find out what we can do about this. Within 30 minutes I found out that this company is already under investigation by the Care Quality Commission and where I can add a complaint, which I'm going to do. So that was an interesting way to start the day.


Then, applet was running around and kept turning on the radio. To Premier Christian Radio. No matter how many times I changed the channel he somehow found it again. I have no idea wtf was going on.

THEN I go to take some clothes to the dry cleaner. Randomly end up in an exuberant, energetic, enthusiastic, and cheerful conversation with the flamboyant middle aged Israeli tailor/owner about metaphysics, spirituality, science, the limitations of science, colonialism, paying it forward, more metaphysics, string theory, and how love can heal the world. It went on for well over half an hour. This was also bizarre.


THEN I went to go buy these ugly/amazing shoes I've been lusting after so applet and I went into central. Get there, shoes sold out, we had a lunch date, then we walked home. 45 minutes. In the heat. Carrying him on my back. I know. While I'm carrying him in the sling, men keep flirting and chatting to me. I checked. No nipples were hanging out. I have no idea what was happening.

Then this afternoon something else happened. I can't go into detail because of privacy but there was a massive full scale outpouring of love and google fu. I got to talk to a longtime internet buddy on the phone to coordinate our search, which was a pleasure but I wish it had been under better circumstances. I spent the better part of an hour making phone calls, missed applet's medical appointment and had to walk home. I spent the afternoon so worried but knowing that things were out of my hands and I could only hope for the best.


So I went to my hairdresser appointment and it was great - I get along really well with my stylist! BUT at the next shampoo sink there was this terrible, frumpy little monster treating the shampooing boy like dirt! She actually said "MASSAGE MY HEAD". Um, girl no. They give a head massage and he was just about to do it. Calm down. Then she called the colourist over and started hurling abuse at her. It was horrible! So afterwards my stylist and I were talking to the poor young guy, who was so upset, and I offered to go get him an ice cream. He seriously thought about it (I'd have done it!) but decided against it. Anyway it was really weird and terrible!

So while she was finishing my hair my phone buzzed and it was a message with good news about the earlier situation and I just started weeping in the chair and told her all about all the weird things that happened today. I was concerned she'd think I was crazy but she didn't and was really moved. She started telling me about all the kind things people have done for her that have altered the course of her life and how she does everything she can to pay it forward and we sat there weeping together.


So. What a day. I have nothing left. But over here in the apples household we're drinking grotty old prosecco with ice cubes in it from jam jars, so we're a-okay. Lots of love to you all, imaginary internet friends.

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