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What a day

Today was inspection day for a prospective house. We knew it wouldn’t pass with flying colors, but we didn’t expect what we got. Warning: I ramble.

The oil tank needs to be replaced. Cool, that’s about $1000, but then we wouldn’t have to worry about it for years and years. I was expecting that. Oh, but the tank may be rusted through, so a soil test also needs to be done as well. If the test comes back positive for oil someone will have to excavate under the old tank. Which is in the crawlspace.

The roof is in decent shape. For a 20 year old roof. And when the roof was last replaced they used shingles that are rated for... 20 years.


The fireplace has a pellet stove. Great! That will heat the whole house! Expect it wasn’t installed to any code within the last 30 years. And the pellet stove is only five years old. And it was installed in such a way that there is no way to check the flue without doing a Level 2 inspection.

The water heater is a little rusty and probably 20 years old. The well pump works, but it is also rusty and at least 25 years old (no serial number to properly check). The dishwasher doesn’t work at all. The GFCIs in the kitchen wouldn’t turn back on when tripped for a test. There is mold in the attic. The gutters had been removed for some reason. The lot is graded toward the structure. The power lead going into the house has degraded and needs to be replaced. Almost every plug in the house is wired incorrectly. Etc.

But no termite damage! Hey there silver lining. Also the house wasn’t hit by a falling tree in the macroburst last week.

To top it all off, Bralock was just contacted to see if she would like to interview for a position 1000 miles away. Should I take this as a sign?

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