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Thank You, GT

I was moved beyond words by the kindnesses that came my way last night, loves. Thank you all. You guys are the best.

It's after midnight here in the east, so it's now September 17th, my birthday. Thoughts of lost loved ones are not far away, but I took the day off tomorrow/today and I'm going to go visit the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, have lunch in the company of the giant blue whale and meet up with a gaggle of my favorite old-school Jezfolk for mucho WINE at 5 o'clock. And if the stars align, I'll meet an old Jez-friend who I've talked with here and elsewhere for years now, but never met in the flesh. And if that doesn't happen, things will still be good.


The missus gave me the Iron Coin of the Faceless Man as a gift. It's in my pocket now, should I need to bail and head out for the territories. Not going to happen, but just in case. Valar Morghulis.

Love you.

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