I forgot how good it feels to give notice @ a crappy position. I still have a few weeks. I have to negotiate a transfer timeline between current boss and receiving boss since it’s an internal move. Things that I WILL not do in the interim:

1. Accept any invite to or attend any meeting prior to 9am. Certainly no 6 or 7am meetings for me for the next few weeks. I will also not attend nonsense meetings. They just can’t make me.

2. Socialize or entertain my boss outside of work hours during his upcoming visit of TWO WEEKS. He typically stays 1 week and expects at least one loooong and way too boozy dinner + too many lunches. He quasi invited himself to my house this time to meet my dog. NOPE.

3. Stress about the fact that our department is falling apart because they ignored my request for additional staff for months and when the shit finally started to hit the fan - it was agreed that we needed at least 6 people now and 4 more in Q4. Then two more people quit so basically we need a crap ton of people THAT I DON’T HAVE TO HIRE OR TRAIN SUCKERS!

4. Defend our ignorant decision to outsource a number of positions to low cost countries and then hire unqualified folks because they were even cheaper and would be “JUST AS GOOD” because it’s clearly a dumpster fire of an idea and continuing to pretend otherwise is starting to make me look downright stupid even though it’s my job to spout the party line.

I feel so happy and free. I didn’t realize what a burden I was carrying around. It’s going to be a fabulous summer and I get to learn something new in my new role and not manage anyone. Woohoo.