Ugh. Work has just about killed me this week. I have seriously considered quitting no less than a dozen times. Nearly 14 hour days every day except today. Because I got home at 6 (12 hour day) and then said fuck it and shut off my computer. So tomorrow I will be two days behind on phone calls because I didn't have time to make any today. Ugh. And my idiot boss has been doing everything he can to avoid helping us this week. And this is all his fault since he screwed up and let two people take extended vacations at the same time!

So the coworker who's been taking the brunt of all this stress (along with me) and I have decided we're both going to call in at some point in a few weeks when everyone's back. Then we'll spend the day getting daydrunk at the beach.


I'm going snorkeling with a new friend on Saturday (yay new friends!), and then the young dude I've told you all about (he needs a nickname) texted me both last night and randomly today. He wants to go snorkeling on Sunday. Yay! But I couldn't get a wax scheduled before this weekend, so booo. :( I'll probably just wear shorts over the swimsuit and then do everything I can to avoid sexytimes. That will be tough.

Now to get ALL THE HOMEWORK done by tomorrow night so I can go have fun this weekend. I should also probably clean my house and do the dishes or something. It's become a mess this week because I've been basically getting up, working, eating dinner (no time for breakfast or lunch unless I grab a granola bar), homework, and sleeping. Yet somehow I've made a sink full of dishes and there's bits of cat food everywhere because my cats are filthy pigkitties who cannot eat over their damn bowl. And I still haven't put away laundry from last weekend.

Anywho, I haven't had time to comment or read too much this week, and I missed you guys! Hopefully I'll have some awesome pictures of sea turtles to post after this weekend!