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What a Monday (OT)

No, Google, I have not taken a hot air balloon ride in the past week. There’s been record cold and/or snow the whole time. But thanks for asking!

I just came in from waiting for AAA to jumpstart my girlfriend’s car battery since she took my car to work today. She also lost her cell phone last week, so communication with her about the car stuff has been limited at best.


Tomorrow is my big lunch with the company CEO! Stitch Fix sent me a bunch of cute professional outfit options, but I think my shopper didn’t factor in that it’s fucking arctic and snowy still since she sent me a pencil skirt and a dress. I was going to try to do some last minute shopping for a nice pair of slacks and fancy new shoes, but no car means no shopping. Oh well, maybe he will see I am a tattered mess and offer me a raise so I can buy decent clothes. That’s how this works, right? Right?

Who else is having a Monday?

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