I was not feeling well so I skipped the fleamarket. We did go to the grocery stores, Goodwill and McDs for a caramel frappe. Anyways at the grocery store I ran into a dealer from the fleamarket who I went to high school with. He and his wife moved back to his home to care for his parents. They are mid 70s. I knew his mother had alzheimers but today he was with his father who was in a riding cart. He told his father about me and the high school we went to his father did not remember me which was fine but he could not recall the high school either. The father then picked up from the cart two bags of cookies and just looked at them. His son says “I know you like peanut butter” and the father looked perplexed. The way he talked to his father was like parent with very small child. I know alzheimers is not catchy but what are the odds of both parents having it. My mother who is slightly older is still sharp as a tack, does not let anything get by her and drives all the time. Plus haggle a lot at fleamarkets.

My mother always says having kids is like rolling dice that you do not know whether they will always be healthy or even born healthy. I wonder if its true also about parents that you really do not know what will happen when they reach old oldster years. I found him very annoying in high school but he and his wifes life cannot be easy. When I see him at the fleamarket I have always seen him as Insaw him in high school although he was very nice just overbearing a lot of times maybe I need to see him for who he is now not my memories of him. I rarely talk to him at the fleamarket due to this and his stuff is bad. I need to rethink tthis. My mother though has gone over to talk and suggest prices she does it since we went to high school together and she always liked him. His overbearingness never annoyed her as much as me.