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Welcome To The Bitchery

We went out and the first place we hit was the grocery store. Not a fav but ok. I had to use the Men’s Room. So I unbuckled my belt etc. When finished, now this belt helps hold my pants up for some reason I can never get pants that need no belt. Well the belt buckle when buckling back in broke off.

I got so stressed. I found my mother and said “we need to go to (nearest thrift shop) now”. She finished up shopping. My hands stayed real close to my waist just in case.

Now this is why I am angry. I never before had a belt that lasted less then ten years. Well my last belt lasted about 11. This belt I bought five years ago. Just that it was bought at a thrift shop and looked never used before.


I hated giving up my last belt but as my mother insisted it was all worn out. I saw it as having character. You can figure out who prevailed.

So my mother said “you spent $3.00 and got five years that’s not bad”. I responded “it was $2.70 with the 10 percent discount”.

So I was totally stressed about my pants dropping. We got to the thrift shop saw one that fit. Now the good thing was clothes and accessories were 50% off. I got in line even though I was going to shop after.

The man in front of me said, my new belt which was in a carriage which I pushed with one hand for obvious reasons, it looked like a good belt especially being all leather. I simply said “yeah they are charging $3.99 can you believe it at least its half off, its just a strip of leather with metal attached”. He said “it would go for $30 in a retail store”.


So I paid and told the clerk I was going to continue shopping but will put the belt on. He just said to hold onto my reciept. I did.

I went to the Men’s Room. Usually thrfit shop bathrooms are not the cleanest but this is cleaner then some grocery store bathrooms I go to. I put on the new belt. My stress ebbed partly away. So I held onto my original belt. Sadly they give no bags. I thought my mother could use it. I was wrong she could not.


She bought a blanket and that was it. She then concurred it would be a 30 dollar belt. I simply said “this is why we need to stick to thrift shops”. Except underwear which did not.need to be said.

I did continue complaining about how a belt should last 10 years. She believes five years was long enough.


My new belt is wide which I like it does a better job keeping pants in place. At the next grocery store they have a Dunkin Donuts so I got a large Mocha Flavored Ice Coffee for $3.

My mother commented that I complained about buying a $2 belt but thought nothing of spending three on a drink. I said it tastes good and keeps me awake and I should have gotten more years from the belt.

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