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What a stupid week.

So I met a cute fella a few weeks ago that is all around awesome, evne though he's young, and he has been pretty cool so I let my guard down. I asked him out for drinks the other night and he was like Yeah! I actually wanna talk to you. I was like YEAH!!! and then he was like "jk, my ex is moving back and she wants me back. WHAT DO I DO?" so I wanted to punch him in the face but I was nice until I left which is when he grabbed me and kissed me and I hate him even more because he makes my damn knees weak. I am working on hating him as I type this.

Today I get a phone call for a new job that I want (already employed, but I want something more steady but with the same pay because my job is on the line all of the time). Oh, and mind you I applied for a supervisor position with this new company a while ago and had a killer interview. They call me back and say the supervisor they hired (instead of me, LOL) wants to hire me for a shitty position at a low wage and part-time. Honestly, I listed my salary now AND my requirements, I am not taking a job I don't want. I am pissed they even wasted their time. I think it might be a little childish of me but if I'm asking for what I'm making now (the position I applied to offers that), why would you give me a position with less pay at part-time. Shit makes my head hurt.

So I get home, pour a bottle of wine, and realize I have no food. Call to order Indian and their phone lines are dead. No website. No Indian food! I am not kidding when I say all I have around here is Chinese and McDonald's. I just quit today. Thank GOD I have decent wine.

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