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What a way to start a weekend...

Friday afternoon. It’s around 3:10. I am just about to sending the kids to get dressed for home when the fire alarm goes off.

My ECE and I share a look, knowing that there is no way in hell that this is a drill so close to dismissal (3:35) and quickly line the kids up. There’s a bit of chaos, as the Grade 8's who are evacuating the gym cut through our line of Kindergarteners, but we get them outside and lined up, in the ankle deep (on me anyways) snow to wait for the fire truck to arrive. Thank goodness, it’s the warmest day we’ve had all week. I am also glad that I had told the kids I had brought in from outdoor play about 1/2 hour before the alarm to leave their snow pants on (and I still had mine on.)


We do what we can for the kids in short sleeves, and a couple of parents who turned up early passed their coats to their kids, so we put a could of kids in the coats.

After the rest of the school has been standing on the lawn about 10 min, one of the other kindergarten classes came out, fully dressed in their snow gear, carrying their backpacks. As I am sure everyone is aware, this is a huge no-no (this will be relevant later).


I guess it wasn’t a real fire, because everyone was eventually let back in about 25 min later.

So we try and get the kids dressed and out to their parents as fast as we can.

Then an irate mother comes in, wanting to know why we daughter went outside without her coat, when that other class had all their stuff. *headdesk*


We tell her we cannot speak for that class, but that we were following the rules for fire alarms, just like all the other classes did, except that one.

The Mom goes on to complain that her daughter has been sick with a fever. We had found this out earlier, when our lunch supervisor told us. Apparently Mom turned up at lunch time to administer Tylenol to her sick child and told the lunch supervisor that her kid had a temperature of 38 C (100 F). *headdesk some more*


This is a Mom who is home with a toddler and drops off lunch at lunch time for her school age kids every day.

Sorry Mom, but if you send your feverish child to school and the fire alarm goes off, she has to evacuate immediately like everyone else. A fever does not make her immune to potential smoke inhalation, or to flames.

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