This is slightly in reference to Laura's article on people being slobs, and partially due to older people (not even old, like 30 year olds) telling me I won't be able to dress this way forever.


I'm 21, and gonna be 22 in a week (WOO! BIRTHDAYS!) and I don't really...dress professionally. Ever. Depending on the weather, my usual outfit is jeans or shorts, t shirts or tank tops, converse, Uggs (don't hate) or moccasins. And I absolutely love sweatpants, yoga pants and leggings (with a long shirt, don't worry!), especially if I'm going to class or just to my friend's/Prince Fluffybutt's house to chill and eat pizza.


I'm a full time student, and my current job requires an actual uniform so I don't have to pick my clothes out for it, and on the side I'm a freelance journalist so there's a lot of working for home or interviewing musicians at concerts which...I'm gonna wear regular clothes to.

I understand if I end up working in an office setting I will have to dress more professionally for work, which is fine and, ya know, DUH. But on my off days? Just to, like, go to the store? Or to a diner for lunch? I have to wear pretty dresses and shoes and do my makeup and hair? I'm supposed to wear street clothes to the gym that's 15 mins from my house and then change into sweats at the gym? Because...appropriate?

Guys I don't want to be an adult :(