I'm so glad you asked! My ex-best friend (this friendship died an ugly fiery death almost a year ago when she supremely screwed me over, and, just for funsies, lied to me and talked shit about me behind my back to "justify" screwing me over to our many mutual friends) has been applying to grad schools. (Note: I no longer follow her on Facebook, but I know this because my boyfriend spies for me sometimes.) I was so so hoping that she would get in to grad school somewhere far away, because it has been so awkward the two times I absolutely couldn't avoid seeing had her (like I said, we have many mutual friends). I seriously can't stand the sight of her stupid mean face, and it would have been such a relief to never have to see her again. And so now that I know she'll probably be staying in this city for grad school, I am so disappointed and upset, I'm actually on the verge of tears.

There really is a very special kind of hatred reserved for former best friends.

ETA: I really need to go to sleep, but I appreciate everyone's kind words so much. Thanks GT, you're still the best!