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What Are My Best Options?

None of the MetroCard machines at my subway stop are in proper working order. The screens and keypads are all covered in mysterious sticky gunk, having been sabotaged by the young men who stand at the turnstiles, scalping swipes from abandoned cards they find on the ground.

This has become a massive inconvenience to everybody who uses that station. I refuse to buy from them and reward their assholery in any way, and even if I were so inclined, they’re not even there all the time. Once I hoofed it over to the other entrance, three blocks away. Another night, I followed the example of several others who opted to jump the turnstile. An elderly or infirm person, or just someone with a large baby stroller might not have those options.


Which local agencies can I address this problem to with the goal of having it fixed and prevented in the future, while still being sensitive to the prospect of siccing law enforcement on young black males? I don’t want to see anyone fined, arrested or, God forbid, killed. I just want a functioning machine that allows me to catch my train and get to work in a timely manner.

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