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What are some of the possible outcomes? (politics)

Okay - let’s say Trump gets impeached and removed from office. There are multiple reasons why this could occur - obstruction of justice, making money from foreign governments due to his being president, and possibly colluding with the Russians to rig the election.

One possible outcome of that is that he is removed from office and Pence is named president. However, in at least the collusion instance, there is evidence that Pence played a role in it as well. And, even if he didn’t - Trump won the presidency through illegal means which, to me, means the republicans did not win the presidency legally and thus have no claim to it. Thus, Pence should not be president (nor should Ryan - nor anyone else along the line of succession).


In that case - what should happen? Thinking about this is one of my coping mechanisms because it lets me fantasize about a better world for all of us (so try to not harsh my mellow too much in your responses!!!). What do you think could be the outcomes in such a case of something so unpresidented/unrecidented? Special elections? Who would run? Appoint someone (Hillary?)?

I also raise this to hopefully get more people to interrogate this assumption that Pence would be the president - we need to question that when people suggest it - he (and the entire GOP) are complicit. It should not be assumed that they just slither their way in. We have the power to raise those questions and concerns.

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