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Welcome To The Bitchery

What are some presents you always wanted but could never have due to hearing: "No," "nope," "not going to happen," "never," from your parents/guardians/spouses? If you have children, what is the most outrageous thing they have ever asked for? (When you said no, did they react like the top gif?)


And last question, what was the one thing you wanted and never thought you was going to get but ultimately got it anyway?

I know this is Christmas time but this open for ALL the days dedicated to gift giving including birthdays.

Mine depended on what I was obsessed with at the time:

  • After Clueless, I wanted either Cher's closet or a driver's license(Was told 6 year-olds can't drive...6 year-olds shouldn't be watching Clueless either)
  • After Hackers, I wanted to become a hacker (I was told once again 6 year-old cannot hack...again 6 year-olds shouldn't be watching Hackers either)
  • After watching ALL the Star Trek with Captain Picard, I wanted to become a borg......(You can guess how that turned out.)
  • I also wanted a sword like in Highlander because I was convinced I was the One. (I was eight.)
  • I wanted an owl (you can guess which book I started reading to request that one).
  • I wanted a delorean to go along with my driving license I thought I was going to get at 6 years-old.
  • I wanted World Peace.

I don't have children but I am pretty sure any future offspring are going to be ridiculous in their requests. I should probably start practicing my no face.


The one gift I never thought I was going to get: A Game Boy Color with the original Pokemon Red (eventually was gifted the Blue and Yellow too).

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Those memories of only having to remember 150 Pokemon. Those were the days....

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