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I am not doing much tonight - just maybe going out for drinks with my husband - but I am hosting a small brunch tomorrow for a few friends and procrastinating on cleaning the house and doing the prep cooking (it’s not going to be that much really). Three years in a row we have opted for a low key holiday, just the two of us, and my family has yet to catch on it’s going to be the way....

I received a mini waffle maker at a gift exchange last week so that’s going to play a role. I’m making cornbread mini waffles for a duck waffle Benedict. The duck is actually a duck pie filling I’m re-creating because it was so good - basically just cooking the fuck out of some duck with butternut squash, currants and onions and shit, and you take some of the juice and temper some egg yolks into it to make it custardy and rich. Loosely based on a recipe I can’t find again but I can wing it. I don’t know that it necessarily needs hollandaise but I feel like you want that with a Benedict... I’m going to poach the eggs in a muffin tin because I can’t deal with poaching eggs the right way for a crowd.

I’ll have a sweet potato hash, my friend is making cinnamon rolls. Then I’m making a salad because I have salad stuff that needs to get eaten, haha. And for dessert I’m making a cranberry custard tart. I have bacon in the freezer that I’d LOVE to unload on people who aren’t me because I can’t be trusted around it, so I was going to make bacon wrapped dates but I forgot about it and never got dates and fuck me if I’m going to a store today.


My husband is going to make coquitos - which is a Puerto Rican version of egg nog using coconut milk.

Anyway, what’s for eating?

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