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What are we eating this week?

So, I’ve fallen off the wagon for intelligent eating choices. As I sit here, I’m eating 2 iced donuts for a late lunch.

Good news! I’m going to make a fancy chili tonight and a spinach rice with cauliflower and lentils to eat all week.

Okay, so I don’t know if it’s still chili if it’s vegetarian, but anyways, I accidentally bought fire-roasted whole tomatoes a while back at Costco, so I’m gonna rough chop them and add them to sauteed onions and garlic and cumin. And then I have 2 old red bell peppers - the kind where you can cook with them, but they’ll be blah eaten raw. I’m going to use my griddle pan to char up the peppers, and then dice and add them to my chili. And then I’m going to add a can of diced jalapenos (the fresh ones at my store were... not so fresh), 2-3 kinds of beans, and a bunch of spices. To add a little more savory awesomess, I put in a little maple syrup and a heaping spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder (which also helps make the color look richer).


Haven’t quit figured out the spinach rice yet. I have a box of chopped frozen spinach thawing. Thinking I will simmer that down with some curry powder and then cook the rice in it. Make the cauliflower and the dal in another pot. Then mix it all together.

What’s everyone else eating this week?

I have these brilliant plans, but Aunt Flo’s visiting this week, so very likely eat least 2 nights I will eat deli potato salad or donuts for dinner. Maybe both.


ETA: picture of chili with cilantro and cheese stirred in because CHEEZ.

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