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What are you a grinch about during the holidays?

Me? Photo Christmas Cards.

Seriously, I fucking hate the trend of personalized photo christmas cards. I noticed about 5 years ago that this was becoming a “thing”. I was single and would send out traditional (bought on sale) cards to people, writing a personal message inside for each one.


I used to get a few christmas cards, all with personal messages inside (sometimes super short “Merry Christmas, Hope to see you soon!, but still handwritten and signed). About 5-6 years ago, specifically after people started getting engaged, I started to get these bullshit photo christmas cards almost exclusively. People sending photos of themselves (usually a few from their engagement shoot) with a “HAPPY HOLIDAY” on the front. No personal message, no signature. And the trend continues now that people started having babies. I could forgive if this was a trend that only started when people started having kids - time constraints and all. But this started WAY WAY before kids happened.

Real talk? I’ve started throwing these out as soon as I get them.

If you send me a Christmas Card and spend the 15 seconds to at least SIGN the friggin’ thing, I’ll put it up on my mantle. You’ll also get a “Hey thanks for the card!” email to touch base. Otherwise, I’m not interested in your “mom-petition cutest/most original/unique photo” bullshit card that isn’t even signed. It would be one thing if photos of people and their kids weren’t totally ubiquitous on Facebook. But I’ve seen ALL those photos from you’ve pasted together on your photo card on your instagram/facebook. There is nothing special here.


I remember when Christmas cards were at least *partly* about letting the person you were sending it to know that you were thinking about them during the holiday season. Seriously, it was about the fact that you took the time to write “I hope to see you soon” than anything else. Now it seems that Christmas Cards are just another way for people to signal to others how “great” their life is (even though many of these people do not have the amazing life they are trying to pretend they have on these cards).

This trend also seems to have infiltrated the Thank You cards from weddings. I received a thank you card like this for a wedding I attended in the summer. Just a printed message, not even a signature. When did this become okay? I sincerely think that this is NOT okay. I took the time to buy you a gift, write you a card, and attend your wedding to celebrate *you* and your love. You can take the 2 minutes to write “thank for the gift tractor gal!” to acknowledge that fact.


Call me a grinch and old-fashioned, but I think this particular trend needs to die in a fire.

What are you a grinch about during the holidays

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