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What are you doing for Halloween?

Less than one week to go! Anyone got any fun plans?

My husband and I aren’t dressing up this year. I’m planning on staying home with the twins and giving out candy while my husband takes or older kid trick-or-treating. I’m going to wear a witch hat, but nothing else of a costume. We didn’t do costumes for the babies, since baby costumes always look pretty uncomfortable to me if they’re not being held, and they’re too young for candy, so they’re not going trick-or-treating. Instead we got Halloween-themed sleepers that look a bit like this:


Our older kid (my step-daughter) is going as Hermione Granger this year, so she has a Gryffindor robe, scarf, magic wand, and will probably carry one of the Hogwarts Library books with her as a point of reference. She read the Harry Potter books this year, and asked to be Hermione. My inner scifi nerd is proud.

My parents are going to be in town, visiting, so we’re totally fobbing off pumpkin-carving on them to do, as a bonding activity with the stepkid. We love doing stuff with her, but pumpkin carving is such a pain! And because of the climate around here and the raccoons, we basically have to do it the day of or night before Halloween.

Last but not least, we’re going to a free “Halloween alternative event” a local church is holding Saturday afternoon, because it’s down the street, there’s free food, games and candy, and it sounds like fun. But then we’ll go do the evil satanic trick-or-treating thing anyway because we’re heathens like that.


What are your big Halloween plans? Extra time for fun this year, with Halloween falling on a Saturday!

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