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What are you doing for (US) Thanksgiving?

This year, Thanksgiving is going to be hectic. My boyfriend and I will be going to Thanksgiving at his mom's house, and she'll serve food at like 3 pm. Then, we're going to drive the 1 hour to my house to have Thanksgiving at my place (I live with my parents), where dinner will be served at around 6:30 or 7 pm. My mom usually never hosts Thanksgiving but offered to do so this year because the person who usually hosts Thanksgiving is going to host a New Year's party/50th birthday party for their mutual friend (one of my mom's best friends). So my Thanksgiving will be FULL OF FOOD, drinks, and chaos.

You might be wondering why I'm going to both. Well, I would feel weird NOT being at my house for Thanksgiving. Plus, I love being with my family for Thanksgiving and want to eat ALL of my mom's food. Also, my boyfriend's mom mentioned this year's Thanksgiving to me before my mom chose to host Thanksgiving at our house, so it'd be rude of me to decline. It would be one thing if we lived farther apart, but a one hour drive is like nothing for us at this point :P It should be an interesting day, nevertheless :)


PS: All of my Thanksgivings are Friendsgivings. We celebrate with family friends because all of our family is either back in our home country, in Canada, or in California.

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