You guys, I somehow hurt my hand in my sleep. It feels like I jammed my thumb, and I have a really tender spot on the inside underneath my pinky finger. I have zero idea how I accomplished this while sleeping.

ANYWAY, what are you all doing this weekend? I am super pumped to be going to the outdoor hockey game between the Blackhawks and Penguins at Soldier Field. I know it's going to be cold, but the low is only 16 (and I am instantly depressed that this winter has been so brutal that I can say "only 16" and mean it) and I have great boots and a super warm coat. If anyone has any crazy tips for staying warm outside, hit me with 'em. But I've never been to an outdoor game before, and I'm very excited. We're going to tailgate beforehand, and this will be my first experience seeing a game at Soldier...I've been there before when I ran the Soldier Field 10 Mile, but I've never seen an event there.

Anyone else have fun plans? Or plans to sit around and do nothing? Because I also really like those weekend plans.