I need ideas, guys. My fiancé is ridiculously difficult to buy for, AND his birthday is right after Christmas so I have to have both gifts figured out at the same time. Due to childhood bad feelings about combo presents and getting overlooked for his birthday, I always try to make it special and make sure the gifts have nothing to do with each other.

He is difficult because:

1. If he wants something he buys it for himself (within reason). If he doesn't buy it, it's because he can't afford it which means I can't either, haha.

2. He is so supremely nerdy, beyond all nerdism that my feeble brain can comprehend, that I never know WTF he's even into. When he gets something new, I'm like, WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU FIND THIS, WEIRDO?! I can never guess, and I am never "with it" enough. I've thought about looking at his internet browsing history just to fucking see what the shit he reads about but I feel squicky about that, and if I start asking questions he'll know I'm investigating for presents.*

3. He is a fancy-shmancy bartender but EVERYONE gives him bartender things. And he doesn't make cocktails at home because it's work.

4. I tend to give people paintings every year because they always appreciate it. He has more paintings than anyone, plus I live with him so I, too, have to impressed with the art I create, & that will NEVER happen.


I am already getting him a watch, but I need at least one more thing (I'd like to do more, though). I know you guys don't know him - I just want to know what your plans are so maybe I'll get some ideas!

*That motherfucker ALWAYS knows. I am so, SO sneaky about this, and he's the only one who seems to guess.