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Making gratitude lists is one of my most reliable ways to lift my mood out of the gutter when I’m having a tough go of it. What’s on yours today?

Today I am grateful for:

-Getting to drive around in the beautiful Texas Hill Country for a couple of days. Austin is so pretty, especially when compared to Dallas.


-This rosewater mask sample I got from Sephora

-The opportunity to get closer to a friend that I’ve been casual acquaintances with for a few months. We got to hang a lot while I was in Austin and she is super cool.

-The fact that payday is only three days away, and my fridge is full of good healthy groceries

-Skills and resilience I have learned by having to struggle and make ends meet. I used to really resent a lot of the hardship I’ve been through, but I’m seeing the value in how much it taught me about what I’m capable of. I’m grateful to not be one of those people who was rescued throughout their lives and has a boatload of learned helplessness as a result.


-Getting to chat on the phone with a good close friend who lives in Oklahoma for awhile today. She’s like an older sister/mentor figure, and she had a lot of uplifting and encouraging words for me today that I desperately needed to hear.

What about you guys?

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