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Or even in just the coming months? Since winter has finally loosened its icy grip on the States (at least for the time being...April usually has one more giant kick in the pants to give us), I'm starting to finally believe that summer will come eventually, and I will get to do fun things.

My brother unexpectedly bought me two tickets to Dark Lord Day on April 26th, which is a one day festival where Three Floyds releases their Dark Lord Imperial Stout (this is literally the only day of the year you can buy it from Three Floyds). If you know a lot about beer, this is a big deal. If you don't know a lot about beer, I'm still going to an outdoor beer festival, so fun all around! I'm taking a friend with me and am hoping against hope for nice weather. Even if the weather screws us, I'm still very excited. I think it's going to be a good time.

I'm also looking forward to spending a week back home in Nebraska, which includes being home for the opening weekend of the College World Series. I've mentioned in the past that my brother manages a bar that is literally directly across the street from the stadium where it's played, so we just belly up to the bar and have a grand old time. My mom also has a really nice pool, so I plan to spend most of the week soaking up as much sun as possible (while barely getting tan due to obscene amounts of sunscreen). I don't go home very much in the first half of the year, so I miss my family and will be very excited to see them.


And just in general, I'm looking forward to being outside. Picnics, beach weekends, drinking on patios, street festivals, etc. Summer in Chicago is so amazing that I seriously think it makes up for how crappy the winters are. Although I'm not sure anything can make up for this insane winter.

What are you looking forward to, Groupthink? Tell me your summer plans, that I may marvel and be excited with you.

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