Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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What are you reading?

Serious books, cookbooks, kid’s books, fiction, training manuals, magazines, graphic novels, any of it!

I’ve be rereading the romance paperbacks I had in bins in my basement. When I moved last year I didn’t have the right wall space at my house to set up as many bookshelves as I wanted. And then I subsequently realized I liked not having to dust as many bookshelves.


Anyhoo, last night’s novel was “Romancing the Duke.” Lovely little fun book that managed to be set in the 1800s and have LARPers. Really any thing by Tessa Dare tends to be enjoyable. I’ll probably read through all of her novels that I have next (did that with my Elizabet Hoyt novels over the last few weeks).

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