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Welcome To The Bitchery
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What are your best trashy reads?

Guys! I haven't been able to use my public library in over a year because of some fines I racked up and haven't been able to pay because I've been pretty broke since a trip I took last year.(Boo! I hate being a bad library user) I've only had access to my university library which means I've been deprived of all the fluff I usually consume, but I've run into some extra cash this week, which means that I can go to the library to pay my overdue fines and browse all the books!!!

I'm so excited because it means that I can read all the trashy trash books that I want without the guilt of paying for the trashy book! So... tell me! what are your fave trashy books? I want quick reads that aren't particularly heavy or meaningful (or so meaningful and heavy that they are basically a sobfest the entire way through, but won't actually make me think about my real life.)


For reference I read a book last week of 700+ pages about a girl spending the summer in Florida that involved 3 different relationships, a long lost kidnapped brother, and a scandal involving the son of a senator, and I FUCKING LOVED IT! It was soo bad. My limit in trash is the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella.

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