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What are your dating deal breakers? Have you comprised? And was it worth it?

Have you ever gone against your instincts/deal breakers and had it work out?

Mine are probably pretty shallow, not other peoples deal breakers but when I am online dating I am looking for some pretty specific things. One of them is an activity partner, ie hiking biking skiing... I am also middle aged (although I don’t look my age) somewhat attractive but of the ‘average’ body type so I try not to be judgmental of how people look/their weight. I am much more fit and active than you might guess that I am...

So, if I connect with someone without a whole lot of information and they mock my first question “ Name your favorite hike” - that’s a deal breaker right? I mean, I don’t have a lot of options at my age but I’m not desperate. I’ve got my own place, more friends than I can count, a good job that allows me to easily pay all my bills. I am just trying to not feel bad because I clicked like on him even though I didn’t really find him all that attractive but I figured, well, why not, right? But, ugh, I don’t have to go out with him, right? Now that he’s made fun of one of my favorite activities.


Plus, he’s a rabid fan of a band I hate with the fire of a 1000 suns, so there’s deal breaker #2.

OK, thanks for reading if you’ve gotten this far, thanks.

ETA: One thing I am specifically looking for is an activity partner: hiking/biking/skiing because that is what I do for fun on the weekends.I do that with my friends but it’s really high on the list that I have a partner who shares the same weekend hobbies or else they won’t see much of me. The music stuff...mmmaybe I could over look but if all he does is follows DMB in the summer (his profile said “Ive been to over 200 shows”)...well, he wouldn’t be hanging out with me for sure.

And I did click on him just because I’ve been feeling guilty/pressure about ‘being too picky’ - just needed some affirmation that I’m on the right track.

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