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What are your favorite apps?

I have far too many apps on my phone, but I find myself using some a lot more than others. So what are the top apps you use everyday? Here are mine:

1. Podcasts - I listen to about 50 or more regularly, so this is essential. I'm not in love with the Apple podcast app, but it gets the job done.


2. Waze - a mapping and directions app, I get lost incredibly easily when I drive and this is my favorite for turn by turn directions (and avoiding speed traps).

3. Makeup Alley - Extremely useful for reviews when at the drug store! It scans barcodes so you have a better idea of what you're buying based on user reviews.

4. Two Dots - I love this game. This is my waiting room time waster.

5. My Package - a package tracker that has real time updates for all of the major carriers and a world map for following. It updates faster than Amazon most of the time.


What are your top 5 apps?

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