Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I know we all have genres or types of books/movies/tv that we like (I like YA books) and even sub genres of books that we like (I like YA Fantasy). But what are the sub-sub genres of books that you like, that transcend across different forms? That one random theme that you will pretty much always pick up a book no matter what as long as it has it in it?

For me, there are a few obvious ones:

  • Stories about boarding schools/camps. Seriously, I will read any book automatically if the children in it are young scamps going to boarding school or summer camp together. They have so many adventures! It's their own little world! It seems so fun! God damn it, why didn't my parents send me to boarding school?
  • Stories where the main character has a big secret or secret identity they are trying to hide. Not like a lame secret, like "oh, I killed my brother when we were 10" or "oh, I have diabetes" (seriously, get over it Stacey from the Baby Sitters' Club.). And not the type where the suspense is the reader trying to guess the secret - the reader/viewer knows about the secret always, and the suspense is making sure no one else finds out. Things like Alanna hiding the fact that she's a girl. The Power Rangers. Batman. Buffy.
  • To a slightly lesser extent, books about people surviving on desert islands. I LOVE the Swiss Family Robinson. I am convinced that should I ever be on a desert island I have picked up enough second hand knowledge to completely be awesome at it.

Feel free to analyze exactly what horrible things these say about me, my GT arm chair psychologists, and share your own!

(also please recommend any books that fall into the above categories. I'm a sucker)

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