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Welcome To The Bitchery

What are your favourite cheap meals?

So my lovely partner is finally not traveling for work, every damn week. We had almost a year and a half of it, so it really became the norm, and it’s lovely to have him home. (Well, mostly. Been a few bumps as we both adjust to really, truly living together again.)

The trouble is our grocery bill has exploded. Of course, I was expecting an increase, but it’s actually crazy. I blame this on two things: When he was home on the weekends we’d go all out and cook lovely, three-course meals, and when he was traveling he’d eat at restaurants. So his idea of what a ‘meal’ is has become a bit unwieldy. I’ve talked to him about this and he realizes he is being a bit silly (and not at all healthy) and I can’t keep buying bacon-wrapped filets or salmon steaks and two or three sides for each meal. It’s insane.


But... we’ve both kind of forgotten what it was we ate before we lived that way... So, I’m looking for your best, inexpensive summer dishes. Vegetarian is grand too. Help me?

(Oh—Limiting Factors: I’m allergic to pork and we don’t own an outdoor grill. So all grilling is done stove-top.)

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