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What are your go-to hairstyles?

I tried doing this this morning, and it was a complete Pinterest fail.

What is your typical style for your day to day hair? Do you put stuff in it or are you au naturale? Are you an updo person or do you let it go loose?


Thanks to the humidity lately I’ve actually had to put some effort into not having a cloud of black frizzy hair, which means having to actually put it up. Typically I just twist the face framing bits of my hair and pin them behind my ears, like this.

Or I’ll do a high bun, high polished ponytail with a deep side part, or a side fishtail braid. Those are pretty much my standards, but today I have this going on. The difference is that my hair is a wavy humid mess and not curled pretty at all.


Tell me about your hairdo!

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