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Welcome To The Bitchery

What are your holiday faves?

Movies? Music? Food? Traditions? Share in the cheesiness with me! What do you love/tolerate because it's the holidays?

I'm a pretty skeptical kinda gal most of the year but I love all the Christmas things (except Jesus—why they always gotta ruin my holiday with their religious trip, man?) and will consume the junkiest of junk in the name of Holiday Happiness.


For example, last night, I watched Christmas with the Kranks. Voluntarily. By myself. I can't even blame peer pressure. I watched a 10 year old, Tim Allen movie and laughed because of Christmas. If it were any other time of year, or about any other holiday, there's no way in hell I'd watch that! But, because it's Christmas, I will put up with all the cheesiness!

Cheesy Christmas things I love include:

And being "the elf" at my parents' house! I wrote this yesterday on Alice's post about holiday traditions:

This sounds so stupid but one of the traditions in my family is that I get to be the "elf"—I sit under the Christmas tree and hand presents to everyone, making sure they're distributed in such a way that everyone's opening something in turn (I know, it's crazy). I also announce each present: "This one's for.... MOM! And it's from... DAD!"

We have done this since we were little, little (I'm the oldest, so the first to read). Every year my parents ask who wants to be elf and every year, I yell, "ME ME ME!!" and run full speed at the tree, even though there's literally no competition for the "position." Also, I'm 36 and married.

But even last week, I was like, "Elf time is coming up!!!!! EEEEEE!!!"

I am more excited to be the Christmas elf than I am to open my own presents. :)

Your turn!

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